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LandSAS is a software application built to provide land buying businesses with the tools to quickly and successfully source, assess and secure land opportunities. 

The application is built intuitively around three modules, taking you on a step by step journey from site sourcing, through to detailed due diligence and then offer preparation.

We call our process source, assess, secure or SAS for short. 
Who are we?
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What we do.
We provide housebuilders with the right information at the right time, to help you make good decisions quickly.
landSAS is an application built to provide land buying businesses with a platform that provides the tools they need to quickly and successfully source, assess and secure land opportunities. 
How we do it. 
The application is built around three separate modules; source, assess and secure - or as we call it SAS. 
These modules provide the features that you need when you need them.

By designing the application around the source, assess, and secure modules, you are guided through the acquisition process in a logical and organised way, providing a range of tools presented in the appropriate ways to maximise your chances for a successful acquisition.
The assess module is where you discover all the information you need to make a quick, informed decision.
Perhaps the most comprehensive module within landSAS.

Assess provides a variety of features that help you review potential planning constraints, technical constraints, research policy requirements and begin forming your vision for the site. 

Whilst working through this module you will develop a strong understanding of the site and will start forming proposals for sites that are fully informed and demonstrate to sellers that you are a high-quality, professional purchaser. 
give us a try. 
We would love to let you try landSAS to see if you think it is as useful as our other clients do. 

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The source module is where all new sites start. 
We collect data from a range of different sources and display it within the source module. 

This includes local plan allocations, planning application submissions and decisions, brownfield sites and more... 

The information is displayed in both list and map form and fully searchable so you can filter historic data by the number of plots, location, applicant name and more. 
Secure is where you really start to optimise your proposals. 
The secure module provides a valuation feature that helps you value your proposals and generates initial appraisals for alternative residential uses so you can make sure your acquisition strategy is the correct one for the site. 

It is also where you can find detailed templates to ensure that your proposals are well presented.

You can use the template offer letters or marketing brochures to ensure that you present your proposals in a way that maximises your chances of success. 

Remember, we are focused solely on land-buying businesses, and we build the application to meet your needs. 



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    Professional -

    Every month
    Ideal for regional housebuilders with a designated land team
     7 day free trial
    • Single User
    • Full Access to Source Module
    • Full Access to Assess Module
    • Full Access to Secure Module
    • Additional users just £30 per month
  • Enterprise

    Every month
    Designed for large regional and national housebuilders
    • Price per month includes for up to 5 users
    • Full Access to Source Module
    • Full Access to Assess Module
    • Full Access to Secure Module
    • Additional Users just £30 per month
Aerial - Wimborne Minster River.jpg

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