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Identify constraints immediately
Planning Map. 
Assess planning related risks early, quickly and easily.
The LandSAS planning map provides a quick and easy way to review  numerous land and property designations within England  that may make it more difficult for you to secure planning consent. 

We currently provide 22 constraints layers within the planning map with many more in the pipeline,
CIL Calculator.
Quickly and easily work out your CIL liability using the CIL calculator. 
We provide you with the status of the Charging Schedule, last published CIL rate and the zones the rates relate to. 

Additionally, we have built a step-by-step CIL calculator with the latest published rates and indexation forecasting so that you can quickly and easily quantify the likely CIL liability for your site. 
NDSS Space
Get rid of your spreadsheet.
If you work in LPA's with an NDSS policy, or with Housing Associations on Homes England grant-funded developments then NDSS is likely to be a consideration. 

The assess module includes a simple but brilliant feature that provides all the NDSS size standards in a way that allows you to easily toggle between the number of bedrooms, number of persons, ft2 /m2 and 85%/ 100% so you can quickly find the information you need. 
Technical Map.
Understand technical constraints on day one. 
The technical map feature provides information on potential technical issues that may make it more difficult or expensive for you to develop the site. 

The map includes data on coal mining, radon, geology,  national grid, and many more. This allows you to prepare bids that are well informed, helping you to demonstrate credibility to landowners and accurately assess development potential and land value earlier in the process.
Site Levels (NEW).
Source accurate, immediate site topographic information.  
The site levels feature uses a digital terrain model to provide customers with immediate levels information on sites. 

No more struggling to decide where you need to locate you attenuation basin, or forgetting to include for the cost of retaining structures within your appraisals. 
Planning Policy.
Quickly access LPA policy information using the planning policy feature.
The planning policy feature is a library organised by Local Authority area and includes information on local plans, CIL, affordable housing and more.

No more wasting precious time endlessly searching online trying to find the right information and double-checking it is the latest version. 

find out more.

We would love to let you try landSAS to see if you think it is as useful as our other clients do. 

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