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Find sites first. 
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What Leads?
Source makes sure you are on top of your patch by providing site leads from multiple sources,
If immediate opportunities are your thing we have you covered. By providing information including planning submissions and determinations, brownfield registers, Homes England disposals and more all in one place we make sure you are 'in the know'.  
If strategic land is more of your thing we have you covered too by providing data on local plan allocations.
Information is fantastic. But the real power comes from being able to use it easily. 
The search function within assess is where things really get interesting.

You can search historic applications between dates, plot numbers,  applicant details, application status, location and more. 

This allows you to focus in quickly and easily on the sites that meet your requirements. From there you just need to get on and start assessing them. 

Labelling &
Keep track of your sites and manage their progress using the labelling function. 
The labelling function is incredibly flexible and can be used for multiple purposes. 

From monitoring competitors activity, to managing your own pipeline, you can use the labelling and search function to make sure all the information you need to secure and progress your pipeline is at your fingertips. 
Land Leads.
Providing land opportunities straight to the housebuilders. 
The source module includes data from multiple sources including planning applications, brownfield land, Homes England disposals and more. 

The planning applications are fully searchable so you can select just the applications that meet your requirements.

If you are interested in immediate land opportunities you should be monitoring submitted and determined planning applications across your region. 

By filtering out all planning applications for less than 5 new homes, landSAS provides the leads you want to see, saving you time and making sure you are up to date with all immediate land opportunities within your region. 
Map & List
It doesn't always need to be map. 
Map views are great. They let you see exactly how sites relate to their surroundings. But there are other ways to look at information. 

By also allowing you to view sites in a list view we can provide information on the site in a more structured, logical format. Helping you get key insights easily and early. 

It also allows you to use the labelling & Workflow features to start categorising sites and adding them to your workflow, making sure you never forget to follow up a site again. 

find out more.

We would love to let you try landSAS to see if you think it is as useful as our other clients do. 

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