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Automate valuations. 
Value Optimiser.
Maximise the value of your development opportunities. 
new feature due September 2022. 

This is the feature we are most excited about. Development appraisals tend to be clunky, unintuitive applications. Many are still based on spreadsheets passed through generations of surveyors, prone to broken formulas and errors in input. 

They also just give you an answer based on your inputs. 

Value optimiser takes things much further and is intended to build up the workbook as the scheme progresses. By completing the semi-automated initial appraisal early you can review the outcome along with the numerous alternative scheme types. 

Is an open market development going to outperform an all-affordable grant-funded development? Is Build to Rent the likely winner in this location? What about a hybrid BTR and affordable development? The options assessment gives you initial answers to these questions early and makes sure you start off your bid knowing what your competitors are likely to stand. 

The VO also makes suggestions as the appraisal is being completed and then gives an optimiser analysis function which easily and clearly lets you see how tweaks in various areas of the appraisal will affect land value. 

We love it and hope you will as well. 

Expert Guides
Get some help and insight from the experts. 
Within the secure section, we have a number of expert guides which are intended to support to less experienced land buyers understand the process in more detail. 

Present your proposals effectively. 
We provide a series of template documents that will make sure you are presenting information in the right way. 

find out more.

We would love to let you try landSAS to see if you think it is as useful as our other clients do. 

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