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we build tools
to help
you build

FGB Acumen is on a mission support housebuilders by building tools to make land acquistion easier and quicker. 

We are doing this by leveraging technology to make sure that housebuilders have accurate and relevant information at the right time in the quickest and more usable format.  

we are a property business.,
not a tech business. 

FGB Acumen is the sister company to Foster, Green + Brown Limited, a land and development consultancy providing advice to many national and regional housebuilders. 

Within the consultancy we see how hard people are having to work to identify sites, agree terms and secure planning. We also recognise that there is a significant amount of information to plough through and interpret within these areas. 

By finding ways to make slow, time consuming work quicker we save hosuebuilders significant amounts of time and help them use their expertise to make good decisions quickly. 

We don't think tech is the answer, it will never replace the knowledge and experience your business have built up over decades, but it can be used in ways that allow you to make well informed decisions quickly, it can help you use you acumen. 

find us. 

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